My Music

I play music. I listen to music. I guess I should share some music.



The Final Piece

The Final Piece was the first rock band I joined back in 2010. I played with the group until summer of 2016. Before calling it quits, we recorded an EP I am proud to have worked on. Check out Road to Nowhere.

I describe the band as being on the hard side of radio rock. I love playing heavy music live, because it allows me to focus on performance and exerting as much energy as possible. I’m a different person on stage; The Final Piece brought that out.

I should probably say that I play bass for The Final Piece. I’ll put together a page about the gear I use for the band soon.


Sex Ogre

This was my band. I wrote the songs. I recruited the members. I delivered vocals.

We never played to a lot of people, but these shows will always be my favorite. I have never left a stage more emotionally and physically drained than when I played with the Ogre.

We only released one EP called England in early 2015. I think it’s a terrible representation of the band, but you can download it for free on bandcamp.

I also released a solo EP under the Sex Ogre moniker called Sea Turtle.

Sex Ogre died in the fall of 2015 when Steve left the band to focus on not drumming. There is still a chance that I will work up the courage to record the two full length albums that are in my head.


Modern Epic

Modern Epic is the love child of Andy Sun and David Hill. Their first EP–This Royalty–is one my favorite pieces of music put out by a band in Springfield. I stalked them from a far and eventually joined the band late in 2012.

A follow up EP took over three years to get to release from the first day of recording. The band dissipated in mid 2015, but I’m still doing my best to get that damn album is out now. Go listen to Was.

I played my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass with flatwounds for most of my time with the band.